"stop bullying my boyfriend. B|"

     ░██░─☽ “I do what I want.” 



With teeth like those, I’d be
alarmed any time of the day.

(crosses her arms)

     ░██░─☽ “Haha!————— Oh you.
                       They’re not actually that bad…”

                                                 It’s just an overbite. No big deal. 


Wasp Mantidfly (Climaciella brunnea)  (by jenofdiamond on Flickr)

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     ░██░─☽ A whistle to gain attention.

                                                              “Well hey there, friend
                                                               Don’t be alarmed, I’m 
                                                               a desert child roamin’ 
                                                               wild  and  c r a z y.” 



"touches the d"

     ░██░─☽ Slaps his hand away. 


mxntis replied to your post “[is on anon dont look] you are very stink. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. so very smelly.”

do you mind crying into this cup? im thirsty.


    — “Ya’ know, I always knew you were thirsty, but not that kinda’ thirsty.”

     ░██░─☽ “Well——— okay, yeah I’m a little thirsty.” 

""Cowards and idiots, all of you.""

     ░██░─☽ “C O W A R D?
                                         Coward… … .. . 

               The word is spat through broken teeth; dark blood obscuring a scarred visage. He stood broken and battered before the god of his hunters, fragments of a once broken mask reforming to hide him from the lord’s judgment.

                                “You think I’m a beast, don’t you? My 
                                  race is to forever be inferior to yours.
                                  Who asked for your help, quincy?— 
                                  Or did  you  bestow the  right to  slay 
                                  upon  yourself?   You  now  face  my 
                                  court and my council; we have found
                                  you guilty of heresy,  action  must be 
                                  taken.  I T H I N K,  therefore,  I am.” 

Outlast Inspired Sentence Starters

"I want to kill them."
"There's my darling!"
"I won't give up on you, I know you're worth it!"
"You're going to make me work for it, aren't you - you little minx!"
"Come on man, get in! I've seen what they're capable of!"
"Heavier than you look... A little cardio wouldn't kill 'ya."
"He looks... nervous."
"I want you to have my baby!"
"We give him a running start?"
"You don't have to run from me, I only want to love you."
"I want his tongue... And liver."
"You want to shut him up?"
"You don't have to be alone anymore."
"Cowards and idiots, all of you."
"How ain't you dead yet?"
"Did I frighten you? I'm awfully sorry, I didn't mean to."
"Somebody's been telling stories outside of class..."
"Darling, let's not be ridiculous... Just come out and let's talk about it."
"You don't have to hide from me, I only want to help."
"This-! Is why-! We can't have-! Nice things!"
"Nobody loves you, nobody! You die alone, you shit!"
"*muffled screaming*"
"You weren't putting that tongue to any use anyway."
"Tell him he's got fifteen seconds to keep his job."
"Fuck me, they're bringing him in."
"Goddamn it, what else could go wrong?"
"Don't expect anything but honestly in my review of your performance."
"We could have been... beautiful..."
"Love is hard sometimes."
"Forgive me darling!"
"Don't leave me! I can't be alone!"
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